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Fluidius® Holographic Soundstage One (HSS-1 speaker cable)

Fluidius® Holographic Soundstage One (HSS-1 speaker cable)


We’ve all been here before. The new cable, the new tweak, even the new piece of equipment. And still, there’s something missing. Enter the HSS-1, a revolutionary new cable that doesn’t just improve my system but defines it.

Gone are the days of enduring harshness, perceived distortion, or listening fatigue. Seriously. With the HSS-1, every note is a revelation, making poor recordings pleasing, mediocre one’s mesmerizing, and digital audio nothing short of phenomenal.

Imagine a soundstage so holographic, it envelops you, transcending the ordinary into the extraordinary. The HSS-1 doesn't just match the attributes of the finest cables—it sets a new standard. Warmth, echo, decay; it's all there, crafted into every strand.

Leveraging 36 years of expertise in high voltage electrical distribution and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I've delved into the secrets that elevate one cable above the rest. The result? The HSS-1. A masterpiece that not only ticks all the boxes but creates new ones.

At its core, the HSS-1 features a non-jacketed conductor made of 6N single crystal copper OCC4MM2, roughly 11.3 AWG. But it's the unique suspension in a proprietary blend of electric and dielectric cooling fluids that sets it apart, enveloping each strand of the positive conductor under 40,000 volts of insulation. This innovative approach allows for a cable that's robust yet refined, approximately 1 inch in diameter.

The HSS-1 is more than a cable; it's the culmination of a lifetime's passion and a bold leap into the future of sound. Experience the pinnacle of audio evolution.

Dive into the world of unparalleled audio clarity with our revolutionary concept: the holographic sound stage. This isn't just sound; it's an immersive3D audio experience that transcends the conventional. Picture being enveloped in music, where every note is a brushstroke in a vivid sonic landscape, making you feel as if the performers are right there with you, or better yet, as if you're part of the music itself.

Now, let's decode the magic behind this unparalleled experience:

Combatting Distortions with Cutting-Edge Technology: Our unique blend of electrical, insulating, and cooling fluids doesn't just disperse heat; it revolutionizes the way your audio flows. By minimizing electrical resistance, we ensure your music remains uncorrupted by distortion, delivering pure, unadulterated sound straight to your ears.

The Skin Effect, Refined: Our solution mitigates the skin effect with precision, optimizing the distribution of electric fields and adjusting the cable's capacitance and inductance. This fine-tuning ensures every frequency is transmitted with absolute fidelity, enriching your listening experience.

Micro Arcing and Gassing? A Thing of the Past: Through our innovative use of fluid, micro arcing and gassing within cables are eliminated, ensuring uninterrupted, crystal- clear audio transmission.

Oxygen, Moisture, and Corrosion – Neutralized: Our meticulously engineered cables use oxygen-free, single crystal copper wire, further treated to eliminate oxygen and moisture. This not only inhibits corrosion but also preserves the pristine quality of the wire and, by extension, the purity of the sound.

Unrestricted Field Propagation for Unmatched Clarity: By suspending the cable's magnetic field in a dielectric fluid, we've removed traditional barriers, allowing the electromagnetic field to propagate freely.This enhances the cable's performance, ensuring you're hearing the music as intended.

Vibration Dampening for Sonic Purity: Our dielectric fluid not only protects the wire but also absorbs and dampens vibration, reducing noise and enhancing sound quality. This means your audio system delivers smoother, cleaner sound.

The Break-in Phenomenon, Demystified: From the moment you plug in our cables, you'll notice the impeccable sound quality. With time, this experience only deepens, revealing subtleties in the soundstage and nuances in recordings you've never noticed before.

LCR Testing – The Proof is in the Performance: Independent testing confirms the low resistance and capacitance of our cables, ensuring compatibility with all amplifiers and an unmatched audio experience.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Our proprietary fluid is not just a breakthrough in audio technology; it's also environmentally responsible. With98% biodegradability, non-toxic and food-grade qualifications, we're setting new standards for the industry.

Experience audio like never before. Our innovations are not just about listening to music; they're about living it. Welcome to the future of sound.

LCR test results: Our cables were sent to a third-party for testing. The following results are real life results performed on a 2.5-meter cable, fully dressed with connectors 02uF of capacitance and .003mH of inductance for the length of the cable.

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